Earn money with ease

Our deinKoordinaten team attaches great importance to building a large community.
Whether you are a model, photographer, influencer or just want to earn money - become part of our community!

Why become an ambassador?

we are a young, dynamic teamthat works with many influencers, models, photo graphs or simply great personalities.

What do you get?

Depending on how you imagine working with us, you can:

  • monetary reward on every sale,
  • completely free products or
  • Get coupons for your next sale.
  • Affiliate Partner

    • You know someone who Is interested in buying our product? Or you would like something Make money by sharing our products on Facebook, IG & Tiktok?

      Click here - Simply become part of our community, share your personal link and get money for every sale.

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    Model / photographer

    • Du are passionate about modeling? Or you often shoot lifestyle pictures ?

      Get in touch with us - Simply become part of our community, share your pictures with us and we will give you vouchers / monetary proceeds.

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    Influencer / partner

    • You have a Blog or extensive Instagram account? You like to share with your community Trends & new products?

      Get in touch with us - Simply become part of our community, get free products and earn money on top of that.

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    Become part of your coordinates


    Athlete @luisamuskelmensch


    Athlete & Model @adrianlimaa_

    Marie & Tim

    Video blogger


    Model & Personal Blogger @sophie_xdt


    Model @rafasartori


    Acrobat & Foodie @scorpionmind


    Artist @ nikolau.designs


    Personal blogger @essenceofboho

    Monica & Tom

    Travel blog founder


    Model & student


    Videographer Travel
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