Two brothers - one journey

We are two brothers full of wanderlust and travel bug. We are passionate about discovering new cultures and places, marvel at nature while hiking, go on city trips and also travel a lot on business. We don't need a house or a wardrobe, we always have our life on our back or in our suitcase. Of course we wanted to also a souvenir for our absolute favorite places have, but those who did exist weren't always special enough for us. Often the same: Shot glasses, magnets, coins ... 

But then we came up with an extraordinary idea that should remind us of the most beautiful places every day. We leave them to us Engrave coordinates on bangles! Plain. Original, and always with us.

When we told our friends and family about it, they were immediately enthusiastic and wanted something like that too. Well we already have Bangles with the wedding, the meeting point, the birth place, the home, the favorite place and the desired travel destination given away. 

Until we thought why don't we share our idea with everyone? And so it came about that we carefully looked for a high-quality manufacturer for our bracelets and can proudly offer them to you in a very personalized way.

Our Products

About our company

Our deinKoordinaten Shop is a young startup from Berlin with just as young founders. Just like creating new memories, our startup should enrich the lives of our customers. We have made it our business to create high-quality, modern products that not only look great, but also have stories in them. Our personalized products create the perfect souvenir of a very special experience.

We are currently focusing in particular on necklaces and bracelets with their own individual engraving. Our coordinate chains and bracelets are particularly popular, and we will find and engrave the corresponding coordinates for you. However, if you prefer a souvenir to take home, we also offer you completely individualized posters that show the map of your desired location and an additional text of your choice.

So that everyone can find something to their taste and have the opportunity to own or give away a unique souvenir, we always try to expand our range and improve our products.

Contact us

If you have any questions, requests, feedback or other concerns, you can simply email us at or send us via the Contact form . write
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