Coordinate Bangle Bundle


The coordinate bangle bundle includes 2 personalized bangles same color and engraving. That Bundle in gold, silver and rose gold, you and a loved one will be your most beautiful shared memories always carry with you. The filigree appearance and the unique engraving creates both to her, as well as on him an elegant look. Show your special relationship with the joint coordinate bracelet.

Yours personal place you can easily enter it in the search field above the map or determine it directly on the map using the red pin. The coordinates then appear automatically and are saved as soon as the bracelet is placed in the shopping cart.

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Rose gold
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Rose gold
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Handmade and personalized, the bangles remind you of a special, common place that has changed your life.

On the personalized bangles you can have the coordinates of a place engraved that connects you and a loved one, for example special friends, family or partners. Due to the simple and modern look, it can be worn by both women and men. Strengthen your unique relationship with the fashionable bracelet and always carry your shared memories and experiences with you. The coordinate bangle bundle is particularly suitable as a gift for your best friend, life partner, your own family and loved ones.

To order, simply enter your favorite place in the attached map. For the perfect placement or if the location is unknown, you can also move the marker on the map. After you have found your location, go to "Order now" and your coordinates will be automatically sent to us and we will take care of everything else. 


At a glance:

Personalized: Choose a color & determine your coordinates
Adjustable: The bracelet can be individually bent to the perfect size (fits both men and women)
Writing: Filigree embossing of your text
Size:  Diameter 62mm with a width of 3mm
Equipment: Stainless steel - no danger of tarnishing and no rust

If you have any questions, please write a short email to our Customer service. They can also help you customize your bracelet.


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  • 3mm width
  • 62mm diameter

The bracelet can be easily bent to the desired size, both for very thin and for thick arm joints.


The bangle is made of precious metal. This metal cannot tarnish or rust due to the lack of iron particles. In addition, it is particularly scratch-resistant due to its high density. Nevertheless, it is possible to bend the bangle to the right size for the perfect fit on the arm.

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Coordinate Bangle Bundle
Gold / Gold / Coordinates only - € 64,00
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