Your company - your gift

It is our passion to create special gifts & goodies for your employees, business partners and customers. For this purpose, we manufacture bracelets, bangles or chains for your company with the utmost care and quality. You can personalize the jewelery individually for each employee or customer or have us produce it in larger quantities with your individual design idea. We not only take care of the production, but also handle the entire process for you, right through to receiving the product, regardless of whether it is at different private addresses or at the company headquarters. The entire processing of short-term orders is possible within 3 days.

Service overview

  • Transparent discount structure
  • Jewelry with personalized engraving
  • Customizable or pre-designed packaging
  • Professional advice on customization
  • Takeover of the logistics up to the recipient
  • Shipping to unlimited recipient addresses
  • Get their offer!

    Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp ( +49 157 924 854 96) or leave us an email so that we can discuss all the details of your perfect customer & employee gift with you.

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