Hello your Berlin gift seekers!

This year are ABOUT US your Santa Clauses. This year we already had to cut back enough and now we also had to lock down ... at least we want to make sure that neither presents stress for you, nor late presents for your loved ones. For this reason we are doing on December 23.12. our sled ready to go and bring you the orders personally (according to the hygiene and distance regulations) so that they are under the Christmas tree with you in time.

Since our sledge does not get that far, we have to exclude a few parts of the town - you can see at the checkout when we dispatch whether you can be supplied by us. 

So keep your ears shut on December 23.12rd. up and tries to hear our HOHOHO when we stand in front of the front door - * Reusper * I mean on the roof by the chimney! 

We wish you a wonderful Christmas!
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Excellent! We will inform you as soon as our bracelets are available again.